Choice Candidates.  A broad network of relationships allows us to target exceptional candidates that fit within our clients needs. Our staff also has  worked directly within the IT, Marketing and Engineer markets which adds to our networking capabilities.

Evaluation.  All of Choice Recruiters candidates are thoroughly screened based on client requirements and we realize that the candidate fit is not just on paper, simply matching specifications to a resume.  We make assessments about the cultural fit between company and candidate as well as long-term capability.  Choice Recruiters looks to provide long-term matches that can contribute to your company now and into the future. 

Submitting Candidates.  Only qualified candidates are presented to our clients, we review client requirements and culture with the candidates, making sure the candidate understands the organizations needs, goals and opportunities.  Choice Recruiters works closely with our clients as well as candidates to make sure there is a fit on all levels.

Follow-Through.  Choice Recruiters manages expectations and maintains communication with both client and candidate through the entire hiring process to ensure complete satisfaction of both parties.

Differentiators -
  Competitive Fees
  Industry Experienced Recruiters
  Thorough candidate evaluation including in person interviews

Information Technology

We place candidates in positions including Programmers, Web Developers, E-commerce, Web Interface, Multimedia, Graphic Arts, DBA's, Systems Analysts, Network Engineers, QA, Project Managers, Business Analysts and more.


Our Engineering candidates include Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Quality Engineers, Process Engineers, CAD Technicians, Manufacturing Engineers and more.


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